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As more and more companies turn to exhibitions and tradeshows as a platform for promoting their business’, the demand for temporary display solutions in which they can showcase their company also continues to grow – but at what cost?  Not only is the financial investment for these temporary structures significant, with each showcase striving to go further each year in a bid to outshine the competitors, but the waste aspect is also enormous, with most structures torn down after just three days of use.  The problem is that by searching for the cheapest installation materials possible, and using basic shell structures, exhibitors are left with a temporary solution which is neither flexible nor durable and therefore unusable for future installations.


Petcher Footwear, an industry leader in the production of safety shoes for global markets, approached TO Studio to help find a solution for this problem.  The brief, was to design a reusable and flexible booth that would stand out from the crowd.  Not only did the booth need to highlight the product but it also needed to showcase the innovation and quality that are at the heart of the company’s manufacturing operation.

The design solution was a modular concept, made up of two key elements, which would allow for multiple different layout configurations.  Vertical triangular elements create the main structure of the stand and are connected together by a feature, infinity mirror, which can serve as either a display cabinet or futuristic backdrop on which to showcase the products.  Concealed feature lighting and spot lights are integrated into each component and are connected at the final stage of the installation.  The booth stands on a prefabricated floor base made using reclaimed timber which is broken down into large format tiles for shipping and transport.

The design was developed to allow for quick and easy assembly by a team of just 3 people and takes no more than 2 days to install, so keeping the elements light weight and manageable was an important aspect of the design in order to limit costs on the setup and dismantling of the booth.

The quality and craftsmanship of the safety shoe products is highlighted through the materials used in the construction of the booth.  The fabric paneling on the modular elements is all sourced direct from Petcher’s production line and the bright lacing detail on the vertical elements of the stand creates a striking feature for the brand.  These materials can be updated in different colours or designs to modify the booth and keep it looking fresh for new exhibitions, keeping the visuals in line with the latest product launches.

The overall effect is a tent like structure that is very distinctive in a tradeshow setting and has strong links to the Petcher brand. The billowing fabric, inspired by the velarium of Roman Colosseum’s, creates an intimate setting in which to host clients and hold business discussions.  The form of the structure draws clients into the space and a central, spiral display unit showcases the most recent product launches alongside marketing videos which give more information on the China based manufacturing.   Concealed storage under each mirror and two custom designed “shoe last” inspired desks with integrated coffee making facilities help to keep the space tidy and functional.

The Petcher Booth made its first appearance in November at the A&A safety exhibition 2019, Dusseldorf.


Date Completed
November 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany

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