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The Chelsea Pig

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Introducing The Chelsea Pig.

With its flagship London store in the iconic Bluebird Building on Kings Road, Chelsea has become London HQ for Timothy Oulton. A stone’s though away on the corner of Old Church and Paulson Streets, The Chelsea Pig has been serving pints since 1892. As part of a larger concept to create a collection of unique hosted experiences connected across the globe, the pub has been thoughtfully re-imagined by Timothy Oulton Studio as an inevitable extension of the brand’s renown hospitality and customer experience. The new interiors have been inspired by the grand era of 19th century Victorian exploration.

Welcome in....

Visitors arrive at both of the bar’s entrances into soft vestibules hung with antique ensigns typical of those used on maritime expeditions, their muted colours and rich applique creating a visceral welcome into another world.

Through the other entrance on Paulson Street, a Timothy Oulton classic welcomes the uninitiated, encased in a deep-sea vignette of kelp and tangled air-tubes, Derek the Diver stands in a column of  brightly coloured aquarium fish.

The Ground Floor Bar and Dining Room.

The ground floor is a mix of casual dining and drinking areas under a string of sparkling chandeliers hanging above the black stained timber bar. Featuring carved columns, deep mouldings, corniced overhead shelving and a burnished stainless-steel counter, punters can enjoy a drink in this buzzing heart of the space.

The walls of the fireside lounge to the right of the main entrance are festooned with a collection of antique ship’s bells. A leather chesterfield, wing back and footstool clustered around a LV Goyard trunk, doubling as a low table, create a cosier retreat beside the original working fireplace. Reclaimed Turkish Oak has been used for all the ground floor areas, its weather worn textures adding to the warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The main area mixes antique tables and chairs with new pieces finished in aged timbers and leathers. Under the street windows and velvet drapery a long banquette with leather dog beds beneath allow locals a shared pint and snack with their furry friends.

Diners and drinkers can delight in exploring a trove of items from Tim Oulton’s personal antique collection on various floors of the pub. These include a 1920’s Goyard trunk, 19th century tavern and French farmhouse tables, a Chinese lacquered chest, Italian terrestrial globe, along with a collection of 25 Spry prints, made famous by Vanity Fair in the latter half of the 19th Century.

Vintage dining tables and chairs add that unique Timothy Oulton touch, and offer special dining areas around the pub for larger group sittings.

Beyond this area, standing tables surrounded by a wall-hung collection of Victorian insect illustrations mounted under illuminated magnifying lenses.

Bespoke brass napkin rings with a laser-cut logo, demonstrating little touches of the brand.

Vintage ship and servant’s bells sourced from all over the UK.

The Trophy Room.

The first floor Trophy Room offers a more formal dining experience, timber panelling with over 400 vintage trophies stacked along a high dado of illuminated shelves. An installation of antique Honours boards nod to each across the room, reclaimed Mahogany parquet, elegant crystal Crossglass chandeliers and sconces create a softly intimate atmosphere around banquette seating and chairs upholstered in richly grained leathers.

A restored original crown moulding mirror compliments the black marble and brass wrapped dining tables.

Vintage crests layered on the walls juxtapose the glamourous crystal glass sconces.

The HMS Beagle.

The HMS Beagle Room on the second floor celebrates the wonders of the natural world and our fascination with exploration and collecting. Softly glowing Selenite pendants hang like stalactites from the overhead ceiling, papered with a kaleidoscope of tropical butterflies and equatorial clouds. Inside 6 glass wall vitrines, illuminated crystals and brightly coloured minerals are displayed as precious specimens in a museum exhibit. Luxurious, fabric wallpaper, velvet drapery and reclaimed mahogany floors bring a warmth to conversation areas arranged with sumptuous leather, velvet upholstery and richly veined marble tables.

Illuminated glass vitrines display a curated collection of precious crystals and minerals sourced from all over the world.

A smaller version of the downstairs Pub’s black crackle timber bar counter anchors the corner of the speakeasy providing a glittering backdrop for cocktail making.

Taking inspiration from the nearby Natural History Museum the printed wallpaper ceiling features colourful butterflies on a ethereal moody cloud background.

The Apartment.

Hidden away on the top floor of The Chelsea Pig is an intimate apartment named The Galapogas Room. A small pied-e-terre for VIP guests and customers. Reclaimed mahogany floors, fabric wallpaper and a marble clad bathroom are backdrop to a collection of bespoke Timothy Oulton furnishings and artworks that create a luxurious retreat in the heart of Chelsea.

When you have a great night it’s beyond the food and drink. It’s the setting, the atmosphere, the service - it’s all of these things that make it memorable, and that’s what we’re focussed on in The Chelsea Pig. It’s about preparing for a guest, anticipating needs, in the way you design a space and an occasion.
Tim Oulton


London, UK
Date Completed
November 2021

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