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The Pangolin Village

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‘It takes a village’ as the saying goes, a community of co-operation makes everything easier.

A long established manufacturer of safety shoes, has built The Pangolin Village as a centre of innovation and client hosting adjacent to their factory facility in Enping, Southern Guangdong. The Pangolin, the endangered scaley armoured mammal that rolls itself into a ball for protection, is the brand’s talisman and has inspired the installation of two Halodomes, a 12 meter mother dome used as an entertaining lounge and dining space with a nearby baby 9 meter version of the dome configured as two luxury guest suites.

The stainless steel shingled domes were supplied as fully complete prefabricated kits, assembled onsite to form igloo like structures lined with reclaimed timber and paved in natural stone. Manufactured using the highest standards of insulation and double glazing, Halodome 12 uses 80 wall and 44 floor panels and Halodome 9 – 48 wall and 32 floor panels. The pre-fab domes can be supplied in a range of finishes and configurations including a version that achieves a German Passivhaus energy standard, the highest in the world.

The Pangolin Garden is a place of inspiration and cooperation for the company’s visiting designers and visitors with the open planned dome spaces positioned to overlook the lake and floating dinning pavilion surrounded by lush landscaping.


Date Completed
January 2018
Project Size
Enping, China

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