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The Chelsea Pig

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One of Chelsea’s most historic and best loved pubs, The Chelsea Pig, has re-opened during November after being reinvented by furniture and lifestyle brand Timothy Oulton. The Chelsea Pig marks the first foray into the London hospitality scene for the brand, and is a new chapter for the business which was built upon a unique heritage in the storied world of antiques. Designed by the company’s in house Design Studio, the pub’s ethos is driven by a desire to create hosted experiences. The design pays homage to the notion of handcrafted hospitality; working to curate an authentic yet captivating ambience that will attract Chelsea locals and visitors alike.

An archetypal British pub situated on the corner of Old Church Street and Paulton Street since 1892, The Chelsea Pig has been thoughtfully re-imagined to create one of the most coveted, upscale neighbourhood pubs and restaurants in London. Sumptuous leathers and luxurious marbles are mixed with reclaimed timbers and rare collectables. A hallmark of the Timothy Oulton Brand, the playful design approach and vintage British spirit imbues this quintessential pub with its own unique and authentic character.

Timothy Oulton Studio cites the Grand Era of Victorian exploration as the main inspiration for The Chelsea Pig and the interiors are a celebration of the explosion of scientific and natural discoveries in this period. The design weaves geological curiosities like minerals and crystals alongside vintage collections, reusing old materials and repurposing rare antiques to create an atmosphere and energy that elevates the style and charm of the popular landmark.

Guests will enter The Chelsea Pig through a Royal Standard Ensign curtain to be greeted by Derek the Diver, an intriguing aquarium with Derek taking prime position on the ground floor in a deep-sea diving helmet and suit, trapped and surrounded by kelp and thin lines of air, a subtle reminder of the most incredible feats of human exploration.

The ground floor bar and dining room awaits you and evokes an instant home away from home comfort; a central black crackle timber bar sits centre stage and is reminiscent of maritime carpentry and a nod to Victorian bank teller’s iconography whilst the surrounding marble ceramic dining tables are adorned with Timothy Oulton’s signature red roses. Crystal chandeliers illuminate the rich velvet curtains and reclaimed Turkish oak beam flooring, whilst the natural leather banquettes facing the bar are the perfect place to while away the hours over a leisurely lunch or dinner.

An open fireplace in the corner snug adds character and is complemented by Timothy Oulton’s iconic Westminster Sofa in Jack’dN Brok’N leather, surrounded by an installation of vintage ship and servant’s bells above. Guests will be quick to spot the wholly unique wall embellished with porthole lenses; inspired by the study and documentation of entomologists in the Victorian era, 62 glass lenses housed inside a polished chrome frame illuminate individual hand drawings of insects and butterflies, printed on museum grade paper.

On the first floor, the dining room has been designed to be a slightly more formal affair; entitled The Trophy Room where a collection of over 400 vintage trophies adorn the walls on polished steel shelves, a subtle hint to the British boarding school. Elegant Crossglass chandeliers and sconces softly light the intimate dining room and a reclaimed mahogany parquet flooring brings added warmth and character to the space.

Named HMS Beagle, the second floor Speakeasy is a celebration of the natural world and our fascination with it. Softly glowing Selenite pendants hang like stalactites from an overhead ceiling mural of clouds and assorted butterflies. Inside 6 glass vitrines cabinet, illuminated crystals and minerals seemingly float like precious specimens in a museum exhibit. Luxurious, textured silk wallpaper and reclaimed mahogany flooring bring an elegant warmth to the room with sumptuous leather and velvet upholstery arranged around richly veined marble tables to form intimate settings.

Items from Tim Oulton’s personal antiques collection can be found on every floor; diners and drinkers alike will delight in exploring the likes of a 1920’s low Goyard trunk, a 19th Century tavern table and French farmhouse dining table along with his collection of 25 spy prints, made famous by Vanity Fair in the latter half of the 19th Century, and an Italian terrestrial globe.


Date Completed
November 2021
London, UK

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