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Partnering with Timothy Oulton Design for 1880 was the greatest business decisions we made.
Marc Nicholson, Founder of 1880

The TO team spent endless hours trying to understand our brand, our thinking, what we wanted to achieve from an aesthetic point of view, a practical view, and an experiential point of view. We wanted it to be a place of warmth, but also one that elevates the guest into a provocative mindset. One of the best parts of this was how TO collaborated with our branding team, the hospitality team, and the whole management team. We have over 10 individual spaces that perform very different functions, from Spa to boardroom, from the entrances to the co-working, in every instance the TO design has magically transitioned us from one beautifully crafted design to another.

I take tremendous delight touring people around the space and watching as their eyes light up at every new magical discovery. But the credit is all theirs.

Just brilliant!!

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