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Halo Collections Showroom

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Located in Shunde, hub of furniture manufacturing and sales in southern Guangdong, the new 1400m2 Halo Collections showroom in Lecong features 6 furniture and lifestyle brands over 2 floors. The spaces have been remodelled from an old showroom that began with the complete redesign of the external façade. A curved 100m2 LED screen has been installed on the corner of the 6-story building that opens with a 50-meter frontage to the established showroom precinct. To increase visibility and a distinct identity from the surrounding outlets, the old façade has been opened up with large glass display windows on 2 floors and re-clad with simply detailed bronze metal sheeting and framing. The new double-curved, glass entrance is covered by a suspended canopy which features two large Herodes crystal chandeliers. This is combined with marble paving and twin topiary Ficus to create a luxurious sense of arrival.

Beyond the bronze and bevelled glass entrance doors into the main lobby visitors are met by a dramatic 4 ton, illuminated, quartz crystal vertically mounted in polished metal clasp mount. A talisman of good fortune for the new Halo Collections venture, this gem like installation is surrounded by a shower of Timothy Oulton’s most iconic lighting, Rock Crystal Raindrop and Calcite prisms.

Adjacent on each side of the entrance are two towering aquariums framed with acid washed, black marble carved from solid stone that has been deeply recessed with a stepped profile. At over 10 tones each, these translucent 3-dimensional features delineate the lobby and display areas with a kaleidoscope of brightly coloured fish, each side representing the national flags of the collaborating partners. To the left, visitors can discover the newly launched To Heart furniture collection, a modern and fresh lifestyle range designed for millennials and young families.  On the right of the main entrance the Freehand Leather Company, shows a collection of high-quality hand finished leather upholstery

The first-floor reception desk at the rear of lobby, has been made with two 7-meter-long reclaimed timber beams supported by illuminated discs of re-constituted natural crystal that are held upright by hand shaped wooden blocks. A greeting point for all brands, the desk also functions as a hosting centre for larger events.

Inspired by the forms of ancient Chinese cricket cages, the central spiral staircase is constructed using suspended, metal rods and acid washed marble treads that float in an ascending arc to the upper floor lifestyle and brand displays.  These include China’s first Timothy Oulton flagship location along with other areas dedicated to Michael Yeung, Halo Established and Halo Ease, an exclusive range of motion sofas and recliners.

Visitors to the second floor will also discover the Apollo No.7, designed by Timothy Oulton Studio this real scale version of the original capsule is reimagined with a lavishly upholstered buttoned leather interior, glowing alabaster table and crystal lighting.  First created for the Fuorisalone Milan in 2018, Apollo has since been installed across the globe in London, Shanghai, Dubai, Mumbai and Los Angeles.  Adjacent to Apollo a 6 meter long bar creates the heart of the Timothy Oulton hosting space. Gleaming with illuminated Moonstone, polished mirror stainless steel and prismatic K9 crystal, this dramatic piece further demonstrates the company’s renowned passion for client hospitality and creating unforgettable retail experiences.

In keeping with the brand’s DNA, the space also features many vintage and reclaimed elements, the bar back wall is hung with 150 vintage lawn bowling balls each with its own subtle patina and textured story. Reclaimed Mahogany parquet flooring is laid in a herringbone patchwork with only a lightly oiled finish, this original timber takes on the lustrous sheen of antique Tortoise Shell.



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Lecong, China

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