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Domes are ancient, from igloos to The Pantheon the experience inside them is visceral and wonderful with an enveloping sense of calm created by the arching walls that become roof and then walls again in a single swoop.

Halodome is a prefabricated multi-use timber structure conceived by Timothy Oulton Studio Founders Tim Oulton and Simon Laws.  Designed and manufactured in China the dome was developed for potential export to anywhere in the world.  “Our 12 metre version can be a house, a workshop, a studio, a showroom, whatever you want…  and the new 9 metre is perfect for resort accommodation or difficult sites, however remote” as Tim says.

The concept uses fully prefabricated and sustainably sourced timber panels screwed together to form a single dome space in two interior sizes of 12m and 9m diameter.  Lined with beautiful reclaimed timbers, the interior spaces are completely flexible and column free. Halodome 12 can also be supplied with a timber half mezzanine floor and central spiral staircase, creating a 160m2 of usable space on two levels.

Both sizes can be supplied to German Passivhaus specification, the highest standard in the world for energy consumption, making them a suitable solution for sustainability focused or eco-friendly projects worldwide.  Both versions can now also be offered with a stainless-steel metal cladding system that can reduce installation times and extend longevity.

The 9 metre version has been specifically designed for the resort and hotel industry. With a floor area of 63m2, it can easily create a single luxury villa or divide into two generous sized bedrooms.  Halodome 9 can be supplied with a prefabricated timber floor deck made up of 20 fully insulated panels supported on just 12 columns, perfect for difficult sloping sites with minimal ground disturbance. Alternatively, it can also be installed on a concrete base foundation.

Currently under development in the prototype stage is the 9m Panorama. This version of the Dome has the same high levels of energy efficiency and uses the same sustainable materials but with a large truncated side featuring 6-metre-wide double-glazed doors opening to a spacious balcony. Developed for the resort market and to use in remote locations where the fully prefabricated kit can significantly speed up construction, the 60m2 of internal space is perfectly scaled for use as a luxury villa with the panoramic glass wall bringing spectacular views inside the comfort of a cocoon like suite.

Halodome has been sold worldwide for various climates including buildings in Ireland, Denmark, China and The Philippines. To date its uses range from private accommodation and communal areas to restaurants and spas within larger hotel complexes.

In 2022, we launched the next evolution of the Halodome concept – Panorama, the 9 metre fully prefabricated multi-use structure has 60m2 of internal space, a huge glazed arch and curved balcony, all shippable to anywhere in the world. Scaled for a multitude of uses this configuration can function perfectly as a luxury villa with ample space for sleeping, living and bathing areas that are all able to take in views of the surrounding environment through large sliding doors and a panoramic wall of glass. The full story of Panorama can be found here –


For more information on Halodome or to speak to one of our Dome Experts, please get in touch via the “talk to us” section at the bottom of this page.


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