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Donna Forte

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After 30 years of astonishing growth China’s domestic market is feeling the might of a younger demographic, savvy to global trends and often internationally educated, this new generation is keen to support an emerging crop of homegrown quality brands. Donna Forte is a new luxury lingerie concept based in Foshan, proudly designed and made in China for the local market. Located near the established hub of garment manufacturing that supplies a raft of well-known international brands, founders Yumi Luo & Danny Ye are keen to bring the very best of this local expertise to their new enterprise with a flagship lingerie store in downtown Foshan that reflects the highest levels of interior design and customer experience.

Donna Forte’s products may all be designed and made locally in Foshan for the Chinese market but the space plays homage to the very essence of the fabled Italian lifestyle, ‘la dolce vita’. The interiors are a modern take on the most luxurious of Florentine Palaces. The name itself, Donna Forte, Strong Woman, embodies the key principles of strength and empowerment and this has also been reflected in the bold but feminine design of the spaces. Soft shapes and sensual finishes juxtaposed with bold architectural forms brings a seductive complexity to the interiors, which is also heightened by high quality detailing and fine material layering.

The street facing store windows, framed by deeply stepped solid Moonstone profiles, curve gently inwards to draw visitors across the blushed red stone and inlaid metal thresholds. The ground floor retail spaces and lounge are opulent but informal with a soaring ceiling of sinuous forms papered in bespoke pink paisley hung with a matt black chandelier of hexagonal tubes and crystal. A semi-circular fluted bar in sand blasted white veined marble serves as both the main counter and hosting point for guests to be welcomed with the brand’s signature Paloma cocktails. Relaxed on the tufted burgundy velvet sofa or soft caramel leather chairs, visitors can quietly survey the delicate garments presented in their velvet lined display cabinets that line both sides of the lounge.

The exquisite detailing of beautiful lingerie has been integrated into many details of the lavish interiors. Delicate black lace patterns are printed on the opaque balustrade wall adjacent to the illuminated light oak staircase, the intricate silhouettes are reflected in bronzed mirrors that lead customers up to the VIP level.

VIP guests can enjoy a personalised shopping experience in private lounges of absolute luxury. These intimate boudoirs are focused around the circular fluted changes rooms cut from rose gold metal lace their interiors are draped with bespoke embroidered pink silk, hand woven carpets and prismatic crystal lighting. Partners and bridal parties can enjoy an extra level of the brand’s tailored hospitality whilst they wait on soft blue velvet sofas and pale indigo leather armchairs. A private bathroom tiled in mother of pearl and honed black marble with a beaten copper basin, is accessed by a secret door in the panelled wall.


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Foshan, China

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