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Apollo 16 has landed...

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The new 670m2 (7200 sq ft) Timothy Oulton New York City gallery has opened. Showcasing the brand’s original and distinctive furniture, lighting, and accessories, alongside handcrafted Timothy Oulton Studio creations including the Apollo 16, the classic crystal bar, and a custom aquarium.

Built to the same scale as NASA’s Apollo 11 space capsule, and clad in polished steel panels, Apollo is a luxury, intimate lounge adaptable for many uses, from a private VIP seating zone to a workspace meeting capsule, or an indoor/outdoor dining pod.

The Apollo is a hallmark of Studio’s unique expression of craftsmanship and creativity, each one is built entirely in-house by Timothy Oulton Studio’s team of skilled craftsmen. It encapsulates the creativity, imagination, and meticulous attention to detail that are at the forefront of every Timothy Oulton Studio project, as well as the studio’s capabilities to design and make anything from its own workshops. The interior can be customized to a client’s bespoke needs, using a range of materials from leathers and fabrics to reclaimed timber, marble, stone, crystal, and metals.

Here the Apollo 16 is rendered as an intimate, luxury lounge, this time featuring beautiful bespoke tufted wall panels upholstered in soft velvet with a print inspired by Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and tufted leather banquette seating in hand-distressed Atlas leather, accompanied by the standard Odeon flushmount 5 ring pendant, woven leather flooring, and an illuminated Alabaster drinks table.

Its been over fifty years since NASA’s Apollo, god of the sun, put Neil Armstrong’s famous footprint on Mother Moon’s dusty surface and we saw our blue planet against the vastness of space for the very first time.  Timothy Oulton Studio’s Apollo represents the journeys that we go on through time and space in search of design inspiration. It epitomises the ambition and innovation of that era when we travelled to the moon, and asks, what else is possible?

The space is also replete with distinctive hallmarks of the brands philosophy. Inspired by New York’s gilded era of Art Deco glamour, the 4m/13ft Classic Bar is fashioned from delicately veined Moonstone marble with hand-cut K9 crystal prisms slotted into gleaming polished stainless steel frames zigzagging across the front of the bar. These eye-catching chevrons are also illuminated which all together exemplify the brand’s ethos of beautiful interiors created for the penultimate in hosted experiences.

Gallery guests will also be greeted by “Derek the Diver”, inspired by Jules Verne and housed in a custom-built columnar aquarium, embodying a sense of adventure and discovery. Jules Verne first transported us 20 000 leagues under the sea, the mysterious deep ocean terrifies and enthralls at the same time. Diving for treasure in ship wrecked galleons, there can be no greater adventure than exploration of the sunken world. In his vintage inspired divers helmet and suit, trapped in a column of ocean, surrounded by kelp and thin lines of air that connect him from the murky depths, Derek serves to remind us of the most incredible feats of human endurance and curiosity.

Timothy Oulton’s most significant US gallery to date, they have transformed a historic listed building in the Flatiron district into a richly storied retail experience. The new store is located at 901 Broadway, designated as a historic landmark due to its beautiful Gilded Age architecture.

If you have a bespoke project that requires the design and construction expertise of Timothy Oulton Studio, the New York gallery is a great place to start to get some inspiration or please contact us for more information.


Date Completed
September 2021
New York City, USA

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